History, culture and attractions of Montenegro through time

With us you can to experience the spirit of the old Montenegrin history, culture, because we will take you through time.

we will take you to Perast ... This is a small quiet town with a population of less than 400 where you can escape the busier Montenegro's seaside resorts such as Kotor and Budva and enjoy a couple of leisurely hours strolling through the streets, and was a few museums and churches. After visiting all the sights of Perast, We will go to a small boat excursion to the island " Gospa od Skrpljela". After an extensive tour of Perast, we leave for Budva.

Before Budva we will enjoy the panoramic view of the Adriatic Sea, and then head for the once panoramic views, on Sveti Stefan, one of the pearl of the Montenegrin coast. Old Town of Budva is the town's castle in today's eponymous village. The fortress was originally built on an island near the coast, and later coated connected to the mainland so that today this coastal fort, although it was originally an island. The city has preserved to this day. His house used to live. It suffered heavy damage in a large earthquake 1979. year, but the walls of the house and successfully rehabilitated.

Our guide will give you a detailed talk about the history and sights of the old town of Budva, while you enjoy the view of the old walls, and feel all the history that is written on those same walls.

In the end we leave the most beautiful part of our small excursions, we take you to Kotor, a city of which many write, talk, transmit stories from generation to generation. This city is truly the pearl of pearls, because of its infrastructure and the life in it, exudes history, tradition and love.

The old city surrounded by the majestic walls, which continue to surround the mountain San Giovanni with a total length of 4.5 kilometers, which is a curiosity of the world scale.

Regardless of whether Kotor (Montenegro) Visiting coming by land or sea, the impression is always the same. Cities such as Kotor - simply out of the world. Being in Kotor simply means to feel the spirit of the only fjord in the Mediterranean, the spirit of one of the officially most beautiful bays on the planet Earth - the spirit of the Bay of Kotor.

One thing is certain, you will enjoy the beauty, history and traditions of Montenegro, and in comfort, luxury and service of our agency.

Price 180€ (6 pax) - the price includes all taxes, transportation, guide.